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The Crown & The Cross

History of monarchy with a focus on rulers converting to Christianity. The faith, traditions, and reasons for conversion.

History Walks

My Instagram will be updated with the latest history walks/visits that deal with royalty and history.

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I have a lot of royal books and more to come! Let’s read and review together. They will be featured on my YouTube channel.

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I provide top-notch research as well as develop and maintain the the site. Invariably learning the best practices in coding to give my research the best home online. My work is the perfect marriage between code and history! 

Recent Articles

A Brief History of Ducal Titles

Dukedoms were introduced to the British Isles by none other than William the Conqueror. Before taking over England, William was the duke of the powerhouse duchy of Normandy in northern France […]

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Britain’s great cathedrals hold centuries of history and faith. We begin with an iconic London cathedral – St. Paul’s. Known today for the royal wedding of Prince Charles […]


What could be more breathtaking than gorgeous diamond tiaras? Perhaps a bracelet studded with rubies, or a necklace that wreathes your collarbone in emeralds? I present to you the best […]